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A Question of Questions, Part II: How to Respond to Wrong Answers

by Harmony Button If you want to encourage curiosity in your classroom, you have to create an atmosphere that rewards intellectual risks and celebrates “good” mistakes. This doesn’t mean that you need to sugarcoat every failure. In fact, trying to … Continue reading

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The Magic of Metaphor

by Harmony Button “As it becomes easier to think metaphorically, we begin to see more metaphors around us; and the more metaphors we see, the more bridges we have access to, inviting our connection to other people, to other perspectives, … Continue reading

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Writing Lists & Resolutions

by Harmony Button As we welcome in a new year and welcome our students back into our same old classrooms, we often feel a kind of tension between a desire to refresh and a need to maintain our classroom habits. … Continue reading

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Planning A Syllabus: Scaffolding Learning Goals for a New Term

by Harmony Button Welcome to Winter Term!  As you build your Canvas courses, upload your syllabi, and plan out exactly what kind of unit will fit in the three week window between now and winter break, here are a couple … Continue reading

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Writing for Self Reflection

by Harmony Button This week’s tip for writing across the curriculum has to do with using student self-reflection as a learning tool.   “Once the sentence starts its course, all your grief and failure come clear at last. Old inflections move from case to case, … Continue reading

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